Sony VAIO VPCEB1Z0E Mouse Pad Pain

I got one of these for work, having previously owned an Acer Travelmate for the past 3 years, which has served me very well. I also have a MacBook with its touchpad and multitouch.

The touchpad on this VAIO is a constant pain in the neck. The mouse pointer randomly jumps around the screen seemingly of its own accord. After disabling all touch functionality of the mousepad it is only slightly improved.

The problem happens if while your using your finger to mouse around, one of your other fingers happens to gently touch the pad as can happen often whilst using it the pad/software reacts to this making the mouse pointer jump across to the other side of screen.

These effects can be reproduced easily as follows:
1. Touch one finger near one corner of the pad and hold, touch another finger in the opposite corner and hold, then release the first finger.
2. A more realistic incarnation of the above problem. If your moving the mouse with one finger and decide to swap to another finger, the cursor jumps across the screen.
3. Touch one finger anywhere on the pad and hold, gently slide a second finger across part of the pad as if you had accidentally grazed it. The mouse pointer becomes very erratic.

This all still happens even when multi touch and touch is disabled in the software, and is a constant nuisance for me.

Lastly on the mousepad side of things, why oh why oh why did Sony add a sand paper effect to the surface of the mousepad. Continual use of the mouse makes the ends of my fingers sore.

My second complaint about this VAIO is that it feels very cheap and plasticy. I notice this especially if lifting it with my right hand (I am right handed) the plastic base physically moves (collapses) ofter with a creaking sound. This is where the DVD drive is housed, and its protected only by a the flimsy plastic base. This single point of weekness makes the whole laptop feel cheap as I think I have broken it every time I pick it up.


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2 Responses to Sony VAIO VPCEB1Z0E Mouse Pad Pain

  1. austinfrance says:

    It is interesting and telling that I have no such mouse pad issues with the MacBook which has a huge multitouch mousepad in front of the keyboard.

  2. Ben says:

    I have had similar problems with the Sony Alps touchpad. I have not been able to resolve it (using drivers from multiple vendors). I get really erratic behavior when putting my index finger near the top then touching the bottom with my thumb. It is interesting that it does not behave as bad if I do the same touches using both hands (one index finger at the top and the other touches at the bottom). Please post an update if you find a fix.

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