It doesn’t “Just work” at all!

Apple’s motto “It just works” certainly isn’t applying to the latest release of Xcode, Xcode 4. The iOS 4.3 SDK now comes with Xcode 4, so I thought it was time to upgrade.

The issues I am having or have had with Xcode 4 thus far:

– Lost all passwords for existing source code repositories and no amount of re-entering the password seemed to get them to work. = DOESNT WORK

– Add a new repository and it functions, and I can checkout the project, however thats as far as subversion integration into Xcode 4 goes, it seems to immediately become blind to the fact that your project is under source control and disables all the source code control options or doesn’t show anything in the commit dialog. = DOESNT WORK

– Integrated help no longer finds reference topics. In Xcode 3 this used to jump right into the documentation at the appropriate paragraph, but not in Xcode 4, it runs a search, giving sometimes many results, non of which is for the actual reference documentation = DOESNT WORK

– On quitting Xcode 4 it often hangs, and I have to force quit = DOESNT WORK

One of the useful features of Xcode 3 I loved has disappeared. The context menu options for Find as Text > in… and used them all the time, but they are gone. Back to hightlight, copy, switch to finder view, paste and go. = A STEP BACKWARD

So, in the 4 hours so far I have been trying to use Xcode 4 I have come across these issues. It’s frustrating that a major version upgrade can break so much. I wonder what else is going to trip me up in the next day or two.

Over all so far all Xcode 4 just fail.

PS I did like the curly lines showing execution paths when reviewing analysis results, very cool, but in no way makes up for the rest of the issues it has.


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4 Responses to It doesn’t “Just work” at all!

  1. austinfrance says:

    Stranger still, I notice that Xcode4 sort of knows there is source code supposed to be going on, because it is displaying the ? badge for code that is not currently under source code control, and gives me the option to add.

  2. Edward Rudd says:

    The curly lines appeared in XCode 3.2 from what I remembered. But, yes, Xcode 4 seems to be a rather unstable beast.. Once thing you might try is deleting the Xcode caches from ~/Library/Caches/

    I had a strange issue where a new file I added to a project would cause Xcode to immediately crash every time I opened the file. Lovely eh?

    Oh, and the removal of PPC compiling didn’t make me any happier. I have, however, managed to “graft” the 10.5 SDK from Xcode 3.2.6 into Xcode 4 so I can build PPC binaries from within Xcode 4.

  3. austinfrance says:

    Oddly after a bit of “settling in” time, my upgraded Xcode 3 project has started playing ball, at least a bit. I can use the File -> Source Control -> Commit to commit changes, and they do show show their modification badges. The context menu still is a little bit off, not allowing me to commit modified code though.

    Perhaps it was the installation of Cornerstone that scared Xcode 4 into behaving. Who knows.

  4. austinfrance says:

    I also fixed the integrated help issue, in Preferences -> Documentation I had to GET the iOS 4.3 Library help.

    Forgive me for presuming that the iOS 4.3 SDK would come with that pre-installed.

    Still, my attempt to reference it should have triggered a prompt to install it me thinks. At best, not very user friendly.

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