o2 Unlimited – my letter of complaint

It is not often I can be bothered to actually complain in writing to someone, I can probably count the number of times I resorted to such on one hand, but the misuse of the word unlimited in internet and phone companies really gets on my … I still can’t fathom why telecoms companies are still allowed to get away with it. Unlimited should mean “without limit”. Not “without limit until we decided to limit it”. If they want the option to limit it, ever, they should not be allowed to call it unlimited. Full stop. In my opinion.

Dear Sir/Madam

I am writing this letter of complaint because I am not happy with the continued and misleading use of the phrase ‘Unlimited Texts’ in your call plans when in fact this is far from true, as in fact you impose a limit of the equivalent of 100 text messages per day (or 2990 per month to be precise).

It is dishonest in my opinion to sell these packages claiming unlimited texts when it is (I was about to say quite clearly, but that’s is the crux of the problem, it is not at all clear, in fact I have yet to see this figure documented and only seen reference to it on the forums by other users who like myself have fallen fowl of this limit) not unlimited.

I am reading at this very moment the tariff details for ‘Pay monthly Simplicity’ and no where in the tariff details does it mention a limit on the unlimited texts it quotes.


4. UK text message
Tariffs include unlimited texts. Except for the 50 and 100 minute tariffs which include 250 and 500 texts respectively – Text messages are charged at 12p per message thereafter.

Even in the Ts&Cs it does not mention the actual limit, and only hints at the fact that texts may be limited but even then the suggestion is that is ONLY if you abuse the system in a way that in-adversely affects other O2 users.

O2 Unlimited Terms and Conditions
Excessive Use policy applies: O2 Unlimited provides unlimited texts or unlimited texts and calls (subject to top up requirements) to be used from your mobile phone for private, personal, non-commercial, purposes. You may not use your SIM Card – in, or connected to, any other device; or in a way that adversely impacts the service to other O2 customers. If for any reason O2 reasonably suspects that you are not acting in accordance with this policy, O2 reserves the right to impose further charges, or transfer you to a tariff which does not include unlimited texts or calls, or disconnect your account.

Lastly, a limit of 2990 or approx. 100 texts/day on average is not enough for a heavy text user. The reason heavy text users choose the unlimited plans is because they send a lot of text messages. If the limit was not so low, you would not be receiving this letter of complaint as I would have remained blissfully unaware of the limit.

If I do not receive a satisfactory explanation as to why O2 feel it is OK to mislead their customers with their tariff details, I will be forwarding this complaint to trading standards and/or Ofcom.

I am not interested in your reasoning behind the 2990 limit (I understand it is to do with abuse by companies), nor that you have some clause somewhere hidden away in some legal documentation that allows this.

I am only interested in you being more open about what people are getting for their money, and if you feel you must continue to use the word unlimited when referring to a service which imposes a limit it must be made clear up front that there is in fact a limit and what that limit is.



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3 Responses to o2 Unlimited – my letter of complaint

  1. Sebastian says:

    Hi I have the same problem now with unlimited data for them is 4GB of use internet over 3g unlimited. They are breaking the contract and don’t provide what I have paid for. Why not call it Flatrate with 4 GB of traffic use !

  2. Martin says:

    I am fed up with companies using misleading terms, did you ever get a reply from O2 and if you dont mind could i see the reply.

  3. austinfrance says:

    I did, they agreed it was misleading and promised to look at changing the wording on the website. I don’t expect they ever did though and I never went back and checked because it ceased to be an issue for me.

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