Object.prototype.in // a quick hack

Object.prototype.in = function(a) {
if (typeof a == “string”) return this.hasOwnProperty(a);
for (var k in this) { if (this.hasOwnProperty(k)) { a(k,this); } }


A quick hack for what?

var o = { a: 1, b: 2, c: 3 };

if (o.in(“a”)) alert(‘a is in o’);
o.in(function(key,o) { console.log(‘do something with o[key]’ + o[key]); });

Perhaps these methods would be more useful. Be careful though extending Object can have undesirable side effects due to code not using hasOwnProperty()

Object.prototype.has = function(p) { return this.hasOwnProperty(p); }
Object.prototype.get = function(p) { if (this.hasOwnProperty(p)) return this[p]; }
Object.prototype.foreach = function(cb) { for (var k in this) if (this.has(k)) cb(k,this); }


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