#Planetside2 crazy membership benefits scheme

SOE have this weird and whacked system of membership benefits (that is, benefits for subscribing to a membership).  What would this mean to any sane internet gamer:

Benefits received whilst maintaining an active membership.  Or in other words, benefits received for each month your membership is running.

However, this is not how SOE sees it.  At least some or possibly all (see below) of the benefits promised as a benefit of membership are in fact a bonus for maintaining a recurring subscription.  That is, if you subscribe, then cancel your auto-renew (for instance, so that you can remove your credit card details) you will also loose that benefit.  This is the case for the 500 SC each month benefit you get with a PS2 subscription.

The problem is, this is not always immediately obvious, and there is certainly a lot of confusing information out there that suggest different things.

  1. The in-game method of purchasing membership merely states that membership gets you 500 SC each month.  No where does it mention auto-renew as a requirement.
  2. The web store method of purchasing membership does now indicate that the 500 SC is on the condition of maintaining an auto-renew.
  3. The email you get when you cancel tells you that you will loose the 500 SC per month.
  4. The sticky forum post talking about membership like the in-game method of purchasing membership does not mention the auto-renew requirement
  5. The support membership FAQ that has been written to explain the whole mess, only serves to further confuse the situation because it suggests that ALL membership bonuses will be lost if you don’t maintain a recurring subscription.

    “Note that you will only receive membership bonuses – including 500 SC – for the month(s) that you maintain an active recurring membership. Check below for more details.”

    “Just like the other bonuses, you will not receive it for months that you do not have a recurring membership.”

Apart from the whole confusing mess, it is actually even more ridiculous than that because …

  • If I buy 1 month, and cancel auto-renew.  I still get that months membership benefits (including the 500 SC).  So I don’t have to maintain auto-renew at all, and I will receive FULL benefits.
  • If I buy 6 months, and cancel auto-renew.  I still get the first months membership benefit (including 500 SC).  But I won’t get any more SC, and according the the FAQ, I would also loose the other bonuses!!  Even though I have paid for 6 months up front.

It is certainly confusing to say the least.  Part of the confusion may be the ambiguous use of the words bonus and benefits.  As all are listed as benefits, but then the FAQ talks about the SC bonus, the other bonuses.  Which are bonuses and which are not?


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