Serious Dashlane memory leaks in chrome extension

The screenshot(s) below shows a very bad memory leak that has existed in Dashlane for some time, that I have previously reported to their support/development teams (though not this particular evidence, which I have only just sent to them).

It shows using chrome developer tools timeline & profiler that a module in their extension is repeatedly and rapidly firing a timer, and each time it fires it is consuming a number of bytes of memory (in this instance, on the new tab page, its consuming 200-256 bytes per tick.  In my application that I was profiling this was just short of 1k per tick.

The culprit seems to be kw_injected and something to do with frameReport (whatever that is).


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3 Responses to Serious Dashlane memory leaks in chrome extension

  1. Ravi says:

    anyone reach back out to you about the leak ive been monitoring this for quite while, but never see and update that address this serious bug.

    • austinfrance says:

      No. I did send support lots of info some of which they had requested, and was told it was passed on to dev team, but nothing ever came of it. In the end I stopped using Dashlane and went back to using LastPass so have no idea on the current state of it.

  2. I suspected the dashlane extension for awhile too, and had an issue with the shockwave plugin (I believe dashlane uses this) using almost 2gigs of memory. I disabled the extension, and now my computer is running smoother. Time will tell.

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