Is Linux Secure? — Answer: NO

I find it amusing that probably the single most critical security flaw in the history of the internet (heartbleed) does not affect Windows!  

Amusing because for a long time the Linux camp has claimed how ‘secure’ it is compared to Windows, attributing open source as opposed to closed source as a major factor in that (flaws are found and fixed quickly by the community so the theory goes), yet this bug was introduced over 2 years ago, and has been affecting Linux servers on the internet for a full 2 years, before it was fixed.

  • Linux is NOT secure (there can be no disputing that fact at the moment, possibly one of the most insecure of the 3 major OSs).
  • Open Source does not guarantee security or quick fixes.

Perhaps the Linux vs OSX vs Windows security debate can finally be put to bed.  The plain and simple fact of the matter is, that each have their vulnerabilities, non of them are totally secure, and you should keep changing your passwords regularly and apply security updates regularly.

About austinfrance

Technical Developer @ RedSky IT / Explorer Software
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