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JavaScript destructuring with rename not logical?

To destructure a member variable from an object and rename it at the same time, the code looks like: const { property: myprop } = { property: ‘hello’ } Now that to me is back to front.  I would think … Continue reading

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Chrome: How to step into code not available in debugger?

It’s been a while, but I am back! Came across a situation today where I wanted to step through some javascript code that had been installed by a third party (in this case, a puppeteer script) so there was no … Continue reading

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Don’t like npm!!

Every time I have to use npm I find myself hating it.  I hate the general direction software development seems to be headed, with loads and loads of bloat. An example of this taken to an extreme is the new … Continue reading

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Idea: Low Emission Zones & Engine Control Units

The idea is that a car’s ECU would know (triggered by GPS or NFC communication) when it is in a low emission zone and to automatically alter its driving parameters to reduce emissions while within the low emission zone.

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Find what is setting a global variable in javascript

Having identified an unknown global variable in your JavaScript application, how should you go about finding what is setting it? Well one way is to watch for the variable being set as follows.  In this example, I look for something … Continue reading

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iOS Safari correct viewport size

In our html5 application on iOS, in particular when running as a home screen icon, there was an annoying extra 20px of space at the bottom of the window that allowed the content to be scrolled up underneath the status … Continue reading

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Game crash at startup? d3d9.dll faulting module? Windows 8.1 / KB3000850 installed?

Some games/applications of mine started crashing at startup at some point after a windows update (as I run these games/apps infrequently its had to tell which particular update caused the issue). I first experienced this with a program called Sourcetree … Continue reading

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HOWTO: Generate a javascript stack trace

(new Error(‘oops’)).stack

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showModalDialog replacement

Ok, so this is not a drop-in replacement for showModalDialog, because it does not block javascript, and does require some code changes.  I wrote it to demonstrate that we don’t really need showModalDialog, we can achieve the use case (prevent interaction … Continue reading

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Is Linux Secure? — Answer: NO

I find it amusing that probably the single most critical security flaw in the history of the internet (heartbleed) does not affect Windows!   Amusing because for a long time the Linux camp has claimed how ‘secure’ it is compared … Continue reading

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