Software Gems

(a work in progress)

This is an extremely good to-do list program with lots of features, and particularly useful is the ability to split tasks into sub-task ad-infinitum.

Mount ISO’s as CD/DVD drives.

VLC Media Player
Multi-Media player, the only one you will ever need.

Notepad Re-Invented.  When I am not using vim to edit source code, I am using Notepad++

CDBurner XP
Free CD/DVD Burning Software – never needed anything else

TreeSize Free
Where did all that disk space go?  Find it quickly and easily with TreeSize

Not free, more crippleware but worth paying for.  Capture game and screen output to AVI.

Why would you want to use any other torrent program?  Lightweight and powerful, everything you need from a torrent program.

If you develop websites, this tool is essential (less so, if you use chrome to develop, as chrome has similar functionality built in)

Simple, yet powerful setup and forget backup software with a host of free options.  Once setup it just backs up automatically, you don’t even know its there.

Free online storage.  Only 2GB, can be increased up to 5GB by completing various tasks.  There are others out there, some probably just as good, but I use this one, just dead easy to use.

What can I say, simply the best browser available today.

Excellent note app that allows you to remember everything, can be used everywhere.

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