Don’t like npm!!

Every time I have to use npm I find myself hating it.  I hate the general direction software development seems to be headed, with loads and loads of bloat.

An example of this taken to an extreme is the new Microsoft Cordova Multiplatform Template project.  When the project is created, before being built, it contains 10,000 files.  10,000!!!

Worse still, after building, that count goes up to 30,000 files!!!  I am sorry, but that is just ridiculous.  An empty built application template is 30,000 files and 167 MB in size.

Worse still, if you try and delete the project it fails, because windows explorer can’t handle the path length.  Sigh.

What is this shit?  It’s a joke is what it is.

About austinfrance

Technical Developer @ RedSky IT / Explorer Software
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